Croatian NGO for equine-assisted therapy based in Zagreb, Croatia. We’re open for everyday visitors, tourists, horseback riding and volunteering as well as cooperation in international projects.

e-mail: | our farm location: Šimunčevečka cesta bb, Sesvete, Zagreb


We are always welcoming volunteers from Croatia and all over the world to our farm in Zagreb. As a party of Workaway program for travelers who would like to help at our farm, we can arrange free accommodation and help you get full local experience of our city and country. We’re still working on accommodation type, but it will be shared room with other volunteers or sleeping in a hay attic (if the temperatures are high enough during the night). We ask our volunteers to help with farm work from Wednesday to Sunday from 8am till 1pm (including breakfast break) and after that is free time to explore Zagreb and it’s area. You’re free to stay longer at the farm, help more or just enjoy our environment.


Breakfast and lunch are at the farm and we ask all volunteers for daily contribution of 7€ (50HRK). You’ll have all days fruits, coffee and tea available at the farm. Dinner is on your own with a lot of possibilities around accommodation area or in the Sesvete neighborhood. There is no minimum stay requirement, but the minimum optimal stay would be 7 days.


We would like for all our volunteers to feel happy and amused so we plan to organize trips around our area, provide bicycles and weekend night out in the Zagreb city.


Find us at WorkAway page, or contact directly via e-mail . Our volunteering program depends on our needs, part of the year and national holidays so we can arrange all the details via e-mail.


Work details:

  • helping with daily tasks at animal farm
  • cleaning horse area and area of other animals (goats, bunnies, pigeons)
  • helping with hygiene of common areas of the house
  • grooming horses, taking horses to pasture, helping with our children riders
  • feeding animals
  • creative work depending on your interest and skills
  • playing games with kids during public events
  • gardening, mowing grass or general maintenance of the farm area

You don’t need to have any previous experience with horses, but if you do, please let us know. In that case, you will help more during therapies and horseback riding.


You will learn all about work with horses, learn about basic things about horseback riding, kids with disabilities, animal care and social work.


About Don Kihot


We are Don Kihot, our association for equine-assisted therapy, was formed in 2009, and with its new president Marita Mučić and members today it takes care for six therapeutic horses in Šimunčevac. Our major goal is to offer free therapy to children and adults with disabilities. At the moment there are 30 riders in our therapy program, who see us several times a week. Don Kihot is a nongovernmental organization which provides the sort of complementary therapy that the health-care system can not yet provide to children and adults with disabilities. read more about our NGO work